In 2016 Cuyamaca College and the San Diego County Vintners Association, with the assistance of the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, formed the SDVTAP to offer apprenticeships to students who will help fill the skills gap at area vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms.

Apprenticeships will include both classroom study at a local Community College and concurrent work at vineyards and wineries.  This is a two (2) year commitment, with hours varying seasonally. Work schedules will be determined quarterly with 1,500 hours yearly required.   Opportunities to apprentice at multiple locations may be available. Concurrent enrollment is also necessary, apprentices must complete 14.5 units of instruction from predetermined classes.

 Once the apprenticeship is completed, students will have earned a Certificate of Completion from the State of California through the California Apprenticeship Council.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with San Diego City City College starting in the Spring 2019 semester.


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