• Two-year program (cycles begin in July and January).

  • Program includes both classroom instruction (14.5 units of horticulture classes), and 3,000 hours of employment at participating wineries and vineyards.

  • Receiving formalized training on-the-job under the supervision of a qualified worker in all processes necessary to become skilled in the occupation.

  • Receiving V.A. benefits in addition to wages if the apprentice is an eligible veteran

  • Will be interviewed and screened by the Committee including background checks and will work at several vineyards and wineries according to the needs and demands of the employers.

  • Will be trained in most aspects of vineyard and winery operations.

Cluster of Grapes


  • Providing a more flexible workforce because of greater employee skills.

  • Participating in a program which has proven successful in implementing affirmative action for minorities and women.

  • Receiving recognition as a supporter of State and National efforts to train people in skills necessary to become contributing members of society.

  • Commit to providing a minimum of  8 hours per week to apprentices while they are at their workplace.

  • Provide a pay rate starting at $11 per hour, increasing to $13 per hour., as well as Worker’s Compensation.

  • Consumers are assured of high quality goods and services when these are produced by properly trained and proficient employees.

  • Apprenticeship assures a means for passing on skills and knowledge from one generation to the next.

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